Rob + Chris Engagement Session | LGBT Columbus Photographer

I cannot express my excitement for Rob(bie) and Chris! I not only got to photograph one of my very best and lifelong friends with the love of his life, soon to be husband, but I actually got to be there for the “Gay-Mazing Race” proposal that Robbie had planned and set up to surprise Chris!

I am so excited to be able to bug Chris the rest of his life, since Robbie comes with some crazy wild friends, hope your ready for us! Just kidding, sorta! I mean only the few get to call him Robbie! 🙂


We were able to go out right before all the fall colors were completely gone and capture some really great images to celebrate their engagement in downtown New Albany, Ohio.



We were even pleasantly surprised by a passer-by that approached us during the session, with a congratulations and well wishes!


Given that we were in a more conservative area of town we all stood there holding our breathe for a split second when we heard, “It’s none of my business but…” coming from a lady that was walking towards us in the middle of an open courtyard. “…I just had to come over and say congratulation to you guys and wish you all the happiness in the future…” This is the point when we all three began breathing again. And I have to say were so glad to hear how happy this anonymous lady was to tell us how she is always volunteering for LGBT organizations and trying to help fight for equal rights, what a wonderful smile this put on our faces! A big thank you to all our straight allies out their that we offer take for granted, or under estimate!


And as the crazy best buddy, I can’t stop smiling while editing and working on these images when I see just how happy Chris makes Robbie! I have had the pleasure of capturing many great couples in photographs and I still can’t get over all the different emotions and interactions that I feel really capture their relationship together!


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