Rustic Romance Weddings | Columbus Wedding Photographer

I have seen all types of weddings in all types of locations. But the one style I have been able to see the most variety is in the rustic barn or outdoors style. Everyone wants to have a wedding atmosphere that not only showcases them as a couple but also is not just like every other wedding they have been to in the past. So I pulled together so highlights from several different weddings that all share the same rustic, barn, or outdoor settings, and how they can all have unique details and ideas.


Trisha, the bride was driven through the field to the ceremony in this old fashion fire engine. The ceremony took place in a country setting, the groom’s family backyard baseball diamond. This wedding had so many rustic details but the fire truck was really an amazing touch!


The flower girls wore lace sundresses and helped each other throw petals for the bride, you can slightly see the bride and her father walking through the fence in the background. I love the sun glare in this image, it was a beautiful cloudless day!


This groomsman party had all the style and personalities to match! I loved the contrast between the colors and the freshly painted white barn!


Kelby and Amber got married on Amber’s family farm, it was darling how she was able to get ready for her wedding in her childhood bedroom, which was in an old brick farmhouse. The ceremony took place in the yarn beside the barn and 5 pet peacocks were free to roam throughout the property. Several were caught even looking over the ceremony on a small structure behind the crowd.



This was the only wedding I was witness to them having a tree planting ceremony in honor of their love and marriage. It was super cool and a year after the wedding when I stopped by to see the parents of the couple, the tree was still their growing! I am sometimes a secret tree huger so I was super impressed with this idea!


The reception held all the traditional events, and the centerpieces held mini postcards from all the places the couple had visited together, and every plant was potted so that one person from each table could take the flowers home and plant them in their yard.



Raven and Will hosted their wedding reception in the barn at Pollen Farms, I loved how even though she wanted a more sparkly style she was able to incorporate that into the barn setting to make it perfect!


If you have a big enough dance space at your event it is super fun to do a great big group picture!


I love how she was able to create a less rustic but still her style wedding inside a barn, and it felt warm and cozy wedding reception.

This next wedding planned the perfect kids table. The custom made mason jar coloring books with the wedding date and couple’s names. The chairs were bails of hay for the kids!


I have seen old windows be used for hundreds of signs, I feel like they can be so simple and just so cool no matter what you want to use them for!


Becky and Miles got to host their cocktail hour in the barn at their venue but they had so many guest they had to settle for a tent next to the barn for the reception. However they did not settle on making that tent still have the coolest vintage, rustic, DYI feel.


To this day, I have never had a better reaction to the bride coming down the isle. He genuinely cried and was just blown away by his bride!


I feel like I could have this post go on and on for days! I can’t wait to photograph the next rustic or outdoor wedding!

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