#TheFrontStepsProject | Columbus Ohio

I have the best neighbors! I know I might be bias but also you might be jealous all the same! 🙂 As many of us are all in our homes in the crisis of COVID-19, it was so nice to talk and see a few neighbors smiling faces this morning. Don’t worry we stayed 6 feet (actually maybe more than 6 feet) away from each other.

My sister shared with me that a photographer in Needham, Massacheusetts had started this project and I was thrilled. #TheFrontStepsProject is such a great idea, thank you Cara Soulia for this excellent idea! Check out the article on NBC Boston.

Some past clients might know how much I actually love family pictures on the front porch already so this was right up my alley. And I am loud, so the 6 feet distance is no problem at all in communicating. 🙂

(This was taken in the past but something very genuine about it, I love that this family has these pictures as they have since moved to a new home, so it captures a time in life to look back on and remember that time in life.)

I ask that each household make a donation of any amount to one of the following causes:

The Huckleberry House – http://huckhouse.org/  & check them out on Facebook.

Kaleidoscope Youth Center – https://www.kycohio.org/ & check them our on Facebook.


How it works:

If you would like to have me head over to your front porch for a family picture, please reach out via email or message on facebook page.

I will text you when I am on my way and arriving so you can have everyone outside on the porch.

I will keep a distance of 6 feet or more throughout the entire time.

It last about 5-10 minutes!

I will upload the images to a gallery for you to download high-resolution images for reprinting and using in social media for personal use.

You make a donation to a good cause!

This family is so sweet and we are seriously so lucky to have them as neighbors! And Tatum is all personality and she just melts my heart! I can’t wait to see what all she conquers in life as she grows!

Let’s all stick together in this time in life! Please stay safe and healthy. Follow the direction of our fearless leaders and practice social distancing! We will get through this time together! Be Kind!

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